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Harmonica Songs & Samples




This video shows you " How To Play Harmonica" in a BASIC & EASY way !



Blues Harmonica


The differences sounds between : 


                                             TOMBO Aero Reed                                                                              TOMBO Ultimo

                                    TOMBO Folk Blues Mark ll                                                                      TOMBO Folk Blues



Below's are examples of blues harmonica songs :

Both harmonica songs performed  between by Lurrie Bell & Carey Bell

Orange Blossem Special 1994 performed by Buddy Greeny




Tremolo Harmonica


Sound for Tremolo TOMBO 24 Holes


Below's are example of Tremolo Harmonica Songs :

 Both Tremolo Harmonica Songs are performed  between by Kyong H. Lee & Mr. Chong Ah Kow




Chromatic Harmonica 


Sound for TOMBO Unica Formal



Below's are example of Chromatic Harmonica Songs :

Both chromatic harmonica songs performed between by a little boy "Rhapsody in Blue "& Jang Li's "Secret Base"



Ensembles Harmonica


Example of Harmonica Duet :


"Orange Dude Blues" harmonica duet performed by John Sebastian and Annie Raines. 

 Example of Harmonica Trio :



The trio is performance with three harmonica players. Both videos above shows that Mendes & Adler Trio play harmonic trio.

  Example of Harmonica Quartet :

 Video as above show that Kyytiläinen (The captured passenger) played live at YLE tv1 April 12, 2014.


  Example of Harmonica Quintet :


Above harmonica song "Sabre Dance" (Quintet) was performed by Sirius Harmonica Ensemble. 


Example of Harmonica Sextet :

Video as above show that Harmonica Sextet performance.  


Can you play harmonica by using harmonica holder and other

instrument at the same time?


Both videos above shows that Neil Young & GOTYE play harmonica by using harmonica holder , guitar and singing at the same time !



Can Harmonica perform different types of harmonica songs?


Above both harmonica songs are played by Aiden and Evelyn from FRESCO


Of course, Eminem & Taylor Swift harmonica songs can be played by harmonica too !


                                           Celin Dion -Every Night In My Dream                                                        Ellie Goulding - Your Song


 Above  harmonica song was performed by  Jang Li's





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